Managed IT Services | Nelsons4 LTD

Managed IT Services | Nelsons4 LTD

Managed IT Services | Nelsons4 LTD

IT plays a vital role in today’s business. It does not matter how big your organization is or what vertical you are working in, to survive in this competitive world you have to implement the latest technologies in your business. Due to the ongoing business process, sometimes it becomes difficult to manage your IT infrastructure.This is where Nelsons4 LTD, a leading Managed IT Support Provider in Chicago and the surrounding suburbs, can help you reach your goals of achieving maximum ROI with a minimal investment in the IT Support side. We provide the most robust and effective IT Managed services to fulfill your business requirements. Our services are catered to all size of business, small, medium and large ensuring that your computer and network system works in a most effective manner.

We can provide a wide range of managed services to manage your day-to-day operations and supplement your internal support staff. Our support teams have a wide range of skills and experience enabling them to tackle tasks that you may not be able to handle with internal resources. Managed services can reduce your internal support costs and eliminate the cost and complexity of dealing with multiple service providers.

Managed Service Program

Our Managed Service Program allows our clients to focus on higher-level business functions, while delegating network maintenance and performance to IT professionals. By keeping an eye over business software, network architecture (routers, switches, firewalls) and connection fidelity, we take the measures necessary to sustain the most important areas of our client networks.


Inclusive with Co-Managed IT (Billed per Workstation and Server per Month)

  • Persistent Remote Workstation and Server Monitoring Access by Nelsons4 LTD
  • Microsoft Patch Management
  • Anti-virus Software with hourly Updates & Web Filtering
  • Active Cyber Security Monitoring
  • Email security and backup (Including Office365)
  • Hard Drive Status
  • Secure best practice password and documentation workflows
  • Small to Large network management solutions


Billable Service Rates

  • Remote support billed per hour in 15-minute increments
  • Projects planning / consulting billed per hour or project based
  • Onboarding fees may apply depending on device type
  • Managed Backup Plan with flat fees per server or workstation per month


Inclusive with Managed Backup

  • Setup of Encrypted Vault to store all data Offsite
  • Full System Backup & Daily Differential Backups
  • 100GB of Backup Data Storage per workstation
  • 500GB of Backup Data Storage per server
  • Local Backup Storage can be added on to speed up recoveries
  • Data Restoration is not included. If Data Restoration is required, standard billing rates apply

We work with clients on strategy, planning and Problem solving.

Hourly Rate – the hourly rate for utilizing our Nelsons4 LTD Staff with consulting will be evaluated after a free IT assessment.  This rate applies Monday through Friday 9:00 am until 5:00pm Central time. Any work performed outside of normal business hours or on holidays will be billed at a higher rate.

“Nelsons4 LTD has been helping our firm with its IT needs for quite some time now, and my experience has been nothing but positive. They are always very responsive and readily available to help you with your needs, and there is no IT issue too big or too small for them to handle.They look for creative solutions to address current issues and do their research to stay ahead of things they foresee as being problematic in the future”

A. Nizio